How I will setup keyboard in my cpu?

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I have ps2 port keyboard but now I am facing some problem.

I don’t know what to do.

I think pin damaged in CPU port I mean keyboard port.

Then what I will do? I have to change or buy another new keyboard?

In this moment its hard to buy another motherboard so is there anyway I can use my keyboard in my CPU?


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How I will setup keyboard in my cpu?


Dear SAjaeeb-tiger,

You do not need to acquire a new motherboard or what?

The solution to this problem is simple, if the ps2 port is faulty, then try using USB keyboard they are available in all computer shops i believe.


Alternatively you can use USB to PS2 ADAPTERS.


make sure you purchase quality adapters with integrated circuits to cater for voltage changes. since different keyboards use different power voltages. Connect the adapter to the CPU through a USB port and then connect the keyboard through the adapter. This way you can avoid buying a new CPU motherboard and still use your keyboard.


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How I will setup keyboard in my cpu?


Your recent ps2 port keyboard is not working at the moment.Then should I thought that your keyboard is scrap.

It is unauthorized to connect your keyboard wire to USB port rather than CPU port.

Although this is your matter how you will be access your keyboard with your computer. When we saw that our keyboard is totally abandoned we have left that keyboard and spent a little amount to buy a new keyboard written for something better in future time.

So you have told your CPU port pin had been broken and your keyboard wire pin had been damaged.

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How I will setup keyboard in my cpu?


If Pin is damaged, bend over or out of shape then you'll need to replace your keyboard. Chances are, if you'll going to use an alternative options, like using a 2-wire cable that split the ends by either using USB or the regular standard round hole keyboard connector.

In this set-up, you will still need to connect the damaged keyboard connector to one of the end of the 2-wire port. It may work but if 1 Pin is removed amongst numbers of Pins inside, chances are it'll not going to work.

But it's worth the try. If you really love that keyboard, then you can go this route. Why buy new keyboard rather than spending another bucks of buying 2-wire keyboard connector?

Buy new keyboard. You will know for sure that a getting new keyboard will work after rather than risking and spending additional bucks but there is a little chance of using the old device.

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