How i will increase my USB port?

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I am using p4 computer but it's motherboard is very old and there is only one usb port but sometimes i need to use pendrive and printer at the same time so is there any way i can increase my usb ports?

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How i will increase my USB port?


Hi there Msmunir.

If your motherboard has at least 1 PCI slot available, you can purchase a USB 2.0 PCI card.  It's an add-in card that you plug in to a vacant PCI (not PCI-E) slot on your motherboard.  If your motherboard is for a Pentium IV then it should have at least 4 or 5 such slots.  All you need is one for the card.

Here is a photo of one such card:

As you can see, this one has 4 USB ports on the outside and 1 USB port on the inside.  One advantage of this is that it keeps your PC looking uncluttered since there are no external cables unlike a USB hub.  The internal port is for internal USB connections like if you have an internal USB card reader.

Hope this helps!

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How i will increase my USB port?


Hello again Msmunir.

In my first post I suggested a USB 2.0 PCI slot card.  I suggested that first because it looks elegant and will not leave your desktop computer looking cluttered with USB cables on the outside.  However, not everyone is comfortable with opening their CPU chassis and plugging stuff on their motherboard by themselves.  Also, there are some motherboards that have a limited number of PCI slots such as those with micro ATX form factor or bare bone computers that require low-profile PCI cards.

The simplest way to increase the number of USB ports is to use a USB hub such as those shown below:

You just plug the USB hub in your USB port and you will have multiple USB ports.  You will need an external power supply for the hub though since the single USB port will not be able to power the devices plugged into the hub.

So now you have 2 options.  Hope this helps!

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How i will increase my USB port?


Hello again Msumnir.

In my first and second posts I suggested a USB PCI card and USB hub.  Both have their advantages and disadvantages.  Both of them also require you to purchase something new for you desktop.  My third suggestion is probably already on your current motherboard but you just haven't notice it yet.  I'm referring to the USB header on your motherboard.

Most modern motherboards (yes, including those built for the Pentium IV) have built-in USB headers for plugging in the front panel USB ports that are present in most computer chassis.  these front panel USB ports are built for easy access to the USB ports instead of plugging USB devices through the rear of the CPU chassis.

Read your motherboard manual on how to locate your USB headers.  Hopefully, your CPU chassis has USB front ports.  Chances are it does.

There, your 3rd option.

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