How I pursue Red Hat Linux certification?

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Is it worth it to specially just take Red Hat Linux Certifications? 

After all Red Hat is a very popular Linux OS.

Taking an exam orientated to it may be of immense help.

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How I pursue Red Hat Linux certification?


Dear Dilton Drey,

The answer is definitely yes , at least for me.No, Certifications are bad. But you got It definitely worth taking the certification. I don't want here to say just that the certification should be taken but I will provide you with some great reasons to take the certification .

The Red Hat certification is focused on Red Hat Linux. It is actually a vendor certification exam which is a real good thing as it is not under the monopoly so this may also be the reason that it has still got the quality and which makes it free of the marketing politics.

But with all certifications, there are some drawbacks so is it with Red Hat Linux. It changes every year meaning that it updates its position or you can say distribution. You are never guaranteed that the certification that you get from last year will not mean that you are being up-to-date with the versions of Red Hat this year..

Now, the decision is up to you.

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