How I can repair the USB serial/parallel ports?

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Hay all,

Every body knows about the importance of the USB ports on a PC. Now a days there is hardly a computer device which does not have any USB connectivity. So, USB ports are very valuable hardware components of a computer but I am having some problems with the USB ports on my Desktop PC.

I am using Windows XP SP2 and the issue which I am facing is, that some days ago, while I was using a flash drive on one of those ports, my PC pop-upped an error and after that my PC ports didn’t worked properly. After restarting my window, it began to work properly again. I faced this problem for various occasions and I used to solve this problem by restarting the PC. But this time I have got a serious problem, that these ports are not working anymore and this problem is even not being solved by restarting the computer. I tried every possible solution for it  but I failed to solve this issue.

To solve this problem; Firstly, I tried to connect my flash drive on each and every USB port which was available in my PC box. But none of them was working. Then I tried to connect by re-installing the USB driver but this problem remained same as later. Even after that I re-installed my system software (Window) to get rid of this issue but failed. I also have configured the BIOS setting again but no gain. The conclusion is that I have tried each and every trick to solve this issue but I failed in every way.

I want to know that how I can repair the USB serial/parallel ports?

If anyone has any idea about this issue kindly tell me. I am waiting for your ideas to be delivered or conveyed to me as soon as possible.

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How I can repair the USB serial/parallel ports?


First method is go to control panel> Device manager and look for a heading called “Universal Serial Bus Controller”. Expand the menu by clicking on the plus sign. Go to the first item on the list right click it and choose the uninstall option, repeat this for every item in the list.  Then restart your computer.

A pop up to install you USB drivers will appear; click on it then wait for it to complete the installation. Insert a USB mouse and see if it works. if it fails, you can try to update your BIOS.  Visit the manufacturer's website and look for your computer model and look under the Motherboard section.  Download the files and install as per the instructions supplied.

If the above methods fail consider replacing you USB ports.  Go to a computer technician and he/she will remove the faulty ports and replace them with a good one or buy an new motherboard.

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How I can repair the USB serial/parallel ports?


To repair USB port which brings a pop up message that reads “USB device not recognized” is simple.  Just shut down the computer completely, this means if it’s a desktop PC unplug it form the socket or if it’s a laptop remove the battery for about thirty minutes. Most motherboards don’t power off completely, thereby retaining some power. This works, try it!

Disable the Selective suspend feature, this feature enables computer to turn off USB devices to save on power.

Click start>RUN>regedit>. You should open the registry, locate the sub key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESystemCurrentControlSetServicesUSB. Double click on the   DisableSelectiveSuspend registry entry. Try plugging in your  USB device, it should work now.

Upgrade your BIOS if all the above methods fail.  Your BIOS flash program can be found in your computer manufacturer's website.

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