How I can increase processor speed?

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I use Dual Core processor, I want increase processor speed to Core I 3.

How is it possible ?

Please give me a suggestion, I've to use any software or any device?

At this time I use Intel motherboard.

When I'm going to play a game, my pc is being hang.

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How I can increase processor speed?


Hi Mini5410,

I advice you to buy new processor core 4 quad and you bring your laptop to a specialist to install the new device inside the laptop.

Be carefully don't use any software because all this is lie and its just to buy fake products because processor speed is related to used electronic technologies.

Note: Processor speed need a good RAM for example for Cor I 3 you need at least 4 G RAM so keep this in mind

Other thing you have to verify that your motherboard will work with the new processor you have Intel motherboard so you have to found a processor works with it.

I think this link will be useful.

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How I can increase processor speed?


Why need upgrade your processor if you are already using a quite faster one. You are already using a dual core processor on your computer I think that’s enough for some game.

Don’t depend on the processor for the speed, there are other components in the computer that needs to be checked if you want to speed up your system. Like for example the RAM installed on your CPU, much bigger RAM means great stability in the programs running especially games.

The video card, if you are using an onboard video card or your video card is built-in your motherboard, buy a separate video card that will be connected to the available PCI slot or in the AGP slot if it is an AGP card. Onboard video cards usually have lower built-in video RAM. Games usually require bigger video RAM.

If you have a problem in a particular game, check first the game’s system requirements so you can upgrade what needs to be upgraded on your computer. And maybe you don’t need an upgrade on your hardware you just need to tune-up your computer to speed up its data access.

Defrag your computer regularly to maintain your system files as well as the data files. Empty your recycle bin and run a disk clean up on your every drive. Update your antivirus and run a full system scan on your computer regularly.

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