How to hide one of the drive from other?

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How to hide a full drive from other drives?

How I use this after hide?

Does it need any password?

How can I restore it again?

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How to hide one of the drive from other?


Hi Jonathanchandler,

There is a known trick for you to hide a drive from being shown in your "My Computer" but i don't actually know if this is what you are really seeking since this method only involves hiding the drive letter and doesn't provide you with any kind of security.

It is usually used for removing the icons of unused drives such as the floppy drive from my computer.

However here it is: 1- go to start > search for regedit and choose regedit.exe > now that you are in your registry editor browse to the following location: HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionPoliciesExplorer > now right click on the right side of the screen and choose NEW > DWORD(32-bit) value > in the name field enter NoDrives > OK > now you have to provide the value of your drive letter.

The values of all drive letters up to H: are below:









You can double click the key you created and then select Decimal and enter the value of your drive. You can even hide more than one drive by combining their values.

  • The final step for this to work is logging off then back on. Now open my computer and your drive should be hidden.
  • Opening the drive is rather an easy job all you need to do is to enter its letter in the address bar you find in all explorer windows. So as you can see this is not a solution for protection.

Another option would be to encrypt the drive making the access to it requiring a password which is an actual protection for your drive.

Hope this helps.

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How to hide one of the drive from other?


Another method of hiding a drive in your computer is using Norton SystemWorks using the Hide Drives feature. This feature will hide the drive and will allow Explorer to prevent users from accessing the hidden drive either through My Computer, using Windows Explorer, or using the typical Open dialog box.

First, download and install Norton SystemWorks 12.0. This version supports Windows XP and Windows Vista. You can select between Standard Edition, Premier Edition, and Basic Edition. The one I have is Norton SystemWorks Premier. Once installed, open Norton SystemWorks, go to Optimize Your PC then click System Optimizer. See image.

In the System Optimizer window, select Explorer on the left pane then click Hide Drives. In Settings section, check the drives you want to hide, click Apply then Exit. This task requires you to log off after exiting the program to refresh the system. See image.

This will now hide the specified drive from being accessed. To make it visible again, just uncheck the drive from the Settings section, apply it, close the program, and log off or restart your computer.

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