How to give a link in Microsoft excel?

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I have seen in some excel presentations when a particular word is clicked it goes to another sheet quickly. That means a link has been given to the word to go that sheet.

How can I give a link to another sheet in excel? Can anybody explain me?

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How to give a link in Microsoft excel?


When I read your question I understood that you are talking about “Hyperlink” option which is available in Microsoft excel. I will explain to you how we can add a Hyperlink to a particular word.

In the following example we will assume that we want to give a Hyperlink to the word “Date”. That means when you click on the word it should go to a particular cell in another sheet. We will think it should go to cell C3 in sheet 2.

Payment chart

Go to the Cell A1 (Date), right click and click on the Hyperlink.


In the next window, click on the “place in this document”, click “Sheet2” under cell reference and type “C3” in “the type the cell reference” box.

Hyperlink with another sheet

Now click OK and click on the cell A1 (Date). It will go to the cell C3 in sheet2.

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How to give a link in Microsoft excel?


Dear User,

What you describe here is a hyperlink. I will give you some simple steps of how to create a hyperlink.

1. Select the cell you want to make the hyperlink into,

2. Type something (description of the page the link is provided for).

3. And right click it. When you do you can select Hyperlink from the list.

4. And simply click the file button and browse to your file and select the location of the file and click ok.

Thank you.

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