How to get rid of constant missed call display of facetime brick?

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I have an iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi with iOS 8.1. The facetime brick of my iPad is constantly showing two missed calls. I tried opening the facetime app couple of times. I have not received any calls on my iPhone but the facetime brick is still displayed. I need someone’s help to get rid of this brick notification.

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How to get rid of constant missed call display of facetime brick?


Regarding this problem with FaceTime, I’m not sure if Apple already provided a solution to this. The missed call you are seeing on FaceTime is not a real missed call but a bug in the app. It is not an isolated issue actually but is widespread and happens everywhere. One instance is the one shared by Michael Kummer.

Once, he noticed a missed call in FaceTime from his colleague. So, after seeing the missed audio call, he returned the call. But he was surprised because she said she didn’t call him. So, that’s odd. Another incident happened when he received another missed call on FaceTime, 2 calls actually.

But this time, Michael knows which one is the real missed call. Both FaceTime missed audio calls have the same timestamp. See image.

There was also one incident where one of his friends told him that he found FaceTime missed calls on his wife’s iPhone with random caller IDs from different countries he doesn’t know. After learning about this, Michael said he’s going to file a bug report with Apple.

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