How to get Netgear wireless g router wgr614v9 screenshots?

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I'm trying to set my repeater IP address for wireless repeating function.  I have the 54 MBPS Netgear WGR614V9 on an XP system.  How do I get Netgear Wireless G router WGR614V9 screenshots so I could send it to the tech support of Netgear?

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How to get Netgear wireless g router wgr614v9 screenshots?


Hi William,

If by screenshot, you mean sending a picture of your actual router, you can simply take a picture of it using your mobile phone or any digital camera. Save it on your computer and you have the option of either sending it as an attachment or by uploading it on hosting sites such as photobucket so that they can access them.

To attach them, you can use any webmail such as gmail, yahoo or hotmail. Just create a new email and look for the attach button to include pictures. Just send them the picture once you’re done.

To upload them via hosting sites such as, just go to their website and create an account. After logging in, just click on Upload at the upper left, select the pictures that you want to upload and once done, you can view your uploaded pictures on your album. Select the picture that you would want them to see and there will be image links at the bottom right depending on how you want them to view it. You can use these formats: Email & IM, Direct Link, HTML Code, IMG code and IMG thumb code. Clicking the link automatically copies it so that you can paste it via email, IM or in the forums where you want the technicians to view it.

Now if you only want them to see your PC screenshot, meaning taking a picture of what you see on your PC, just stay on the screen that you want to share them and look for the button on your keyboard that says “PRTSC”, click on it, open Paint and paste it there by pressing CTRL+V. Feel free to edit the picture as necessary, save it and follow the instructions above should you choose to attach it or upload it.

Hope this helps,


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