How to get list of used ports in Windows and Linux

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Is there a way I can find out how to get a list of used ports in Windows or Linux, or maybe on both? Is there a utility where I can view the display ports used by different programs? I tried to use netstat -a but it only displayed the ports used by the TCP. Any advice on this one? 

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How to get list of used ports in Windows and Linux


Dear Crewe Bob

I suggest you to use TCPView, a freeware software having graphical interface and it lists all of the ports and their usage details.

It not only lists endpoints and ports usage (it can also be shown with the help of netstat command) but if you look at the attached figure 1. It also displays icons and names of the processess owned by those end points as shown in process column in attached figure.

You can even get more information about the process and endpoints by double clicking the endpoints owned by the process as shown in following figure No 2.

Sometimes you will also notice that TCPView will highlight the processess with red, green and yellow colours as shown in figure 1. Green shows newly opened endpoints.  Red shows the closed endpoints. Whereas yellows shows the change of state in a specific endpoint. In this way this tool call your attention about the changes occured.

Therefore i think this is the best free and easy to use tool available for ports / endpoints view.



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