How to fix Pc’s mouse issue?

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I am using Microsoft windows XP sp2. I am having a wired problem with my mouse. I have a laser USB mouse which is not working properly anymore. Actually, yesterday I was using my PC and suddenly it turned off because power was gone. Before that each and every hardware component of my PC was working fine but after that when I turned-on it there was a problem popping-up in the task bar that my USB mouse device is not working properly.

This is very shocking and irritating for me.
To handle this issue I firstly totally un-installed the USB mouse driver and again installed it but nothing was changed. Then I plugged a flash drive to see whether the USB port is working or not? But my USB ports are fine and it confirms that there is a problem with my mouse or its driver. At last, I bought a new mouse but it is also not working at all. I am very disturbed and shocked due to this problem because it is very much strange for me/or I have not face an issue like this so far.

So, my question is how to fix Pc’s mouse issue?

I am really very worried due to this issue and I want to know the solution of it.


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How to fix Pc’s mouse issue?


Hi Micheal,

Your problem is not that easy to fix because most of all doesn't knows the shortcut keys of keyboard. I have here some solutions to help your problem.Check for the Mouse driver.Your going to do this method using your keyboard shortcuts. Just follow this methods:
Go to start, arrow up then go to My computer, press shift + F10 then select Manage.
Press Tab then press arrow down to go Device Manager.
Press Tab and press arrow own to go Mice and other pointing devices.
Hold shift + right arrow and select the mouse driver.
On the mouse driver press shift + F10 then select Uninstall.
Press Alt + A to open Action then select update driver.
Then wait for a second, after updating your driver. Close the dialog box, press Alt + F4.
Then restart your computer.
Virus can be the cause of that problem. It can affect some of the drivers of your system.
All you have to do is to scan your system using the updated anti-virus.
So, make sure to update it first before you proceed to scan your system.
Update the anti-virus regularly. Here's the way how to update & scan.
First is to update your anti-virus.Here's the steps:
When updates done, proceed now to computer scan.
On your desktop press shift + right arrow, select the anti-virus then press Enter.
When your anti-virus opens, press alt to go to the Tab menu.
So, Press alt then right arrow and select tools.
On the Tools Press Enter and select Update.
Press alt then go tools and press enter.
Select Scan computer, wait until the scanning done.
You can also resolve it by using System Restore.
You are going to Restore your computer from the last time that computer works good.
Follow this steps:
Just go to Start, select All Programs, select Accessories, select System Tools and click System Restore. 
Press Tab and go to Next then press Enter. By selecting the date keep pressing tab to select the calendar arrow.
Then use arrow keys to select date in the calendar, choose what date you wanted to restore.
And keep pressing Tab key again to go to Next then press Enter. And your system will automatically restart.
Check your pointer shadow Mouse properties.
Here's the steps:
Go to Start, Control Panel then press tab key to pick a category then select Printers and Other Hardware and press Enter.
Again press tab key to pick a Control Panel icon, select Mouse then press Enter.
When the mouse Properties open, Press tab to go to Pointers tab.
Then check the Enable pointer shadow check box by pressing spacebar. Press tab to go to Apply then Enter.
Press tab to go to OK then Enter.
And restart your computer.
Checking of your mouse speed.
You have to decrease the speed of your mouse. Maybe it is in a Fast Speed that's why the cursor jumping to other way.
Here's the steps:
Go to Start.
Use tab key to select Control Panel.
Use tab key to select Printers and Other Hardware (mouse icon), then select Mouse using tab key.
In the Buttons tab, look for the Double-click speed. Set it to the middle point by using arrow keys.
Then press tab to select Apply again with selecting OK.
Then restart your computer.
One thing to do is, update the driver for your mouse.
Here's the steps:
It will install an updates for mouse driver.
Go to start, select My computer and press shift + F10 to select Properties.
Using tab key then arrow keys to select the Hardware tab, and press tab key to select Device Manager then press Enter.
Press Tab key then press arrow down key and go to "Mice and other pointing devices", then press shift + F10 to select Select scan for hardware changes.
Clean your mouse pad, remove the dust using soft cloth and add small amount of alcohol. Wait until it dry. Mouse doesn't work properly when mouse pad is hit. You can also replace your mouse pad to a quality mouse pad.
Disable all startup items.
Follow this steps:
Just check "Don't show this message or launch the System Configuration utility when Windows starts".
Go to start then select RUN.
Type msconfig then Press Tab key to select Services tabs.
Press Tab key to go to Disable All then press Enter.
Press Tab key to select Apply and press Tab key to select OK.
And restart the computer then when computer started and System configuration Utility appears,
If you are using animation cursor, remove it. Use a cursor to default.
It may cause your problem. How to default your cursor?
Follow this steps:
Go to Start, select Control Panel.
Select Printers and Other Hardware then click Mouse using Tab key.
Then use Tab key to select Pointers Tab.
Use Tab key to select Use Default and press Enter.
Then select Apply and Ok by using Tab key.
If all of them doesn't solve your problem. I guess the problem is in your Operating system.
So, You have to reformat your computer. But before you proceed to reformat. You have to backup all your important files. How to backup files?
Follow this steps:
Go to start and select My computer select your flash drive and press Enter to open the flash drive folder.
Then go to start, select My Documents. Use Tab key to select the folder you want to backup then press shift + F10 and select copy.
Then go to the flash drive folder by pressing Alt + tab and press Ctrl + C.
Just follow the same steps to backup your other files.
I hope with this methods will resolve your problem.
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How to fix Pc’s mouse issue?


These kinds of problems can occur when there is a short circuit in the mouse or the connecting wire.Please replace your optical mouse with a ball mouse and check whether it works or not. If it works, there is a problem in your operating system. Format your system and it will recover your problem. Or use ps/2 optical mouse. Sometimes it may work. No need to format your system.

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How to fix Pc’s mouse issue?


Hi dear,

It seems that your USB mouse driver has been corrupted. When try to reinstall it again after uninstalling it, it will recopy the files that were already copied, because these files are in the system storage.

You should try to roll back the mouse driver and try to install it again. Rolling back the driver will restore all of the files to their default settings. If you see the same settings again, then buy a PS2 mouse. I hope this gives you good results.


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