How to fix overheating of the fan control of a netbook?

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To all Techyv  Users:

My eldest son is starting to be annoyed every time he is using his netbook because it is overheating now.  And he is hesitant to go to a computer technician to fix his device.

He is afraid that the components of his Netbook might be stolen, or some of his files might be lost. He is consulting IT help on line for this concern, but he don’t sometimes understand the layman’s term in this field.

Rest assure that he is using it on normal usage that it lies on a flat surface.  

But he is not certain with the fan control of his netbook if it is still working properly. Is there any ways on how to fix the overheating of the fan control of a netbook?

What are the necessary procedures on how to remove dust from the vent?

Is there a software available on how to fix overheating of the notebook?

Could anyone give me a video clipping on how to fix overheating of the device? 

I am looking forward to be heard over this forum and will soon have a solution to this problem.

Thank you very much.

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How to fix overheating of the fan control of a netbook?


Hi Alice,

If you're having overheating problems with your netbook.

This is now a hardware issue, software can't solve hardware issues. If it overheats, you might have to have it checked by a technician, or you can open the netbook by yourself  to clean the fan inside.

Netbook’s are difficult to open up.

However, there has to be an instructional guide on how to do this.

Overheating problem's most common cause would be clogged ventilation of the fan due to dust.

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How to fix overheating of the fan control of a netbook?


Overheating of fans might happen due to many reasons like

1. If your laptop is exposed to dusty places. In this case you need to clean the vents on the sides and underneath the laptop regularly as quick as possible.
2. The fan inside your laptop may have a defect and is not spinning at high or enough speed. In order to eradicate or minimize such kind of problem it is better and advisable to put your laptop on a flat place that would give some room for movement of air.
3. If you are operating the laptop at high ambient temperatures. For example; under the sun: whenever your laptop shuts down while you operate it in a hot location do not do it. If it is a must to work on your laptop in the sun, at least you need to make sure you and your laptop is in some shade.
4. The cooling vents on the side of the laptop are blocked. In such case you need to take it to a professional technician to get it fixed."


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