Modem or Browser Issue? I can’t open any site

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How to fix a modem?

I turned on my computer as well as my Bayan DSL modem and the lights open and the LAN card that is attached to my computer starts to blink. But I noticed I can't access to the internet because there no website displaying on my internet browser even though I typed one website such as "" I checked the internet connection at the control panel and its fine. So I restart it but the problem is still there. Is my modem fails? How will fix my modem? Can anyone help me to fix this problem?
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Modem or Browser Issue? I can’t open any site


Hello Cassielyn,

The issue that you have needs to be further check and needs to be isolated as well. So let's start checking first the modem and the cable before going to the computer's programs. CABLE and MODEM.

  • Check the cables connected to the modem and the computer make sure that it's tightly connected, if your not sure of it disconnect each cable and plug it back in and be sure to hear a 'click' sound when you plug in the cables.
  • Restart all devices including the computer and wait 30 seconds to a min before turning it on again.
  • Wait for the devices to reboot and try connecting to the internet COMPUTER CHECK.
  • If the computer is already on and still no connection:


  • Start and then click control panel.
  • Click network and internet connections or network connections. 
  • Look for LAN (Local Area Connection).
  • Check if its showing 'connected, firewall'.
  • If its showing connected, proceed in checking the internet connection. 


  • Start and look for 'start search'/'search programs and files'.
  • Type in 'ncpa.cpl' and network connections will open up. 
  • Look for LAN (Local Area Connection). 
  • Check if its showing 'network/network 2, etc '.
  • If its showing 'network', proceed in checking the internet connection If you're still not connected, lets check the 'internet 'explorer' or the browser that your using:
  • Open internet explorer.
  • Shows 'internet explorer cannot display the webpage', we need to click on 'tools'.
  • Click 'internet options' and a screen will load up. 
  • Click on 'connections' tab. 
  • Click 'LAN settings'.
  • Uncheck all the boxes there and click 'OK'.
  • Click 'OK' again and reopen 'internet explorer' If 'internet explorer' shows working offline:
  • Click on 'FILE' or 'TOOLS' *look for 'work offline'. 
  • Uncheck 'work offline'. 
  • Close the internet explorer and open it back up and you should be able to go online If it's showing 'unidentified network' or 'limited or no connectivity' on the LAN that means that there is an issue with either the connection or the network card of the computer. For us to isolate the issue.
  • LAN disable and enable/ restart computer or;
  • Start and look for my computer/computer.
  • Right-click the word computer/my computer and select 'properties'. 
  • Click hardware (Windows XP) and then click 'device manager' (for XP/vista/7). 
  • Click the + sign beside network adapters and look for the NIC (network interface card) or Ethernet adapter. 
  • Right click the NIC and select 'uninstall'. 
  • You'll notice that the adapter will disappear from the list.
  • Next step is to right – click any of the adapter and select scan for hardware changes. 
  • You notice that the adapter will appear again on the list. 
  • Check the LAN if its now showing network.
  • You should be able to access the internet If LAN still shows unidentified network/limited access, try connecting a different computer and check if you can connect to the internet using the new computer: — if your able to access the internet that means that the issue is the NIC card of the computer — if your still having the same issue, that means the modem needs to be replaced.
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Modem or Browser Issue? I can’t open any site


Hi Cassielyn,

This are the steps in fixing your modem:

  1. Check which communication port and interrupt your modem is set to use. Typically, these are hard-wired selections on the board itself. Changing the jumpers on the board changes the port address and interrupt number. You must give forethought to the consequences of the decision. There are only two interrupt lines usable and four port addresses that are possible. Only one port can utilize an interrupt number at a time.
  2. Change the port and interrupt assignment if required. Restart your system and see if this solves the problems. If not, find the documentation for your modem. You must now generate the proper initialization string for your modem to maximize your communications. Some of the settings in the initialization string determine the audible sound of the modem when dialing and connecting. More important settings have to do with number of rings to wait before hanging up, time to wait between redials, sensitivity of the modem to line noise and enabling or disabling the transfer mode of X2 or V.90 (the two formats for 56K communication).
  3. Find the modem driver that you are using and check that it is the correct driver. There are many drivers available based on manufacturer and model of the modem. Not only is the driver modem specific but also the recommended initialization string. Make sure your modem receives the correct initialization string in the setup file or preference window in the application that uses the modem.

I hope this will help.

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