How to Fix Missing Microsoft Word 2007 Toolbars?

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I am using Microsoft Word 2007.  Where before toolbars are visible at the top of my Microsoft Word 2007 Windows.  As I used today, toolbars are gone!  All I can see on the top are menus like Home, Insert, Page Layout, References, Mailings, Review and View. Then, when clicking the Menu instead of pull down menu, the toolbar showed.

I tried to check on the options, but I haven’t found settings to show my toolbar. What happened? I am only the one using this computer. I remember that I inserted my USB drive on it ,without scanning for viruses. Is it a virus?

Thank you all.

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How to Fix Missing Microsoft Word 2007 Toolbars?


Microsoft Windows 2007 was designed in a very neat Integrated Development Environment (IDE) where with a few clicks, 1 to 3 clicks you can format or change the settings inside  your Word Document.  These are the solutions to avoid too many clicks and menus to be accessed before you can change settings on an object, inside Microsoft Word. Microsoft Office 2003 has this untidy work environment inside Microsoft Word.

As per what you have mentioned, the toolbar appears when you click the Menu. The toolbar was not gone, it was still there. Did I mention to you that Microsoft Office 2007 shortens their way to configure something? Yes it is true! From 1 to 3 clicks you are there on what you want to do. Here’s, how to bring back your toolbar, just 2 clicks on the mouse button:

  1. Right Click on the Menus.
  2. On the Pop-Up Menu uncheck the Minimize the Ribbon. There they are!

See? How many clicks did we do? No need to go find on settings.

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How to Fix Missing Microsoft Word 2007 Toolbars?


I understand your problem and this is one of the obvious problem, which we encounter while working with MS Word 2007.

The Word 2007 ribbon can disappear and its absence is a bit off-putting at first. You know it's gone right away because a major portion of your screen's real estate has changed. No longer is the top inch of your screen filled with Word 2007 tools. Instead, a tiny bar with the Home, Insert, Page Layout, References, Mailings, Review, and View labels appears. When you click on any of these labels, the associated ribbon appears and you can happily go about your business.

Once you've selected the desired Word tool, the ribbon shrinks back down and disappears once again. If you accidentally double-click a Word 2007 ribbon tab, the ribbon disappears! Likewise if you use the Control + F1 key combination, the same thing will happen.  You can use the same techniques that made the ribbon disappear to restore the Word 2007 ribbon. Simply double-click one of the Word ribbon tabs or use Control + F1 to toggle the ribbon on and off.

One more technique is available for minimizing or maximizing the Word 2007 ribbon: customizing the Quick Access Toolbar. The Quick Access Toolbar is that tiny section of icons located above the Word ribbon just to the right of the office button (or below the Word ribbon if you have previously customized the Quick Access Toolbar and made this choice).

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