How to Fix Megabyte Space is Insufficient Error?

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Hello everyone, each time I try to download some data from the internet I am told my megabyte space is insufficient. How do I solve this memory issue? Is there a way I can create the needed space on the computer I currently use? I am in need of advice here, thanks.

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How to Fix Megabyte Space is Insufficient Error?



Hi Jaahid686,

The problem that you are facing is being caused to insufficient memory left on your drive for downloads. Your current drive is full and cannot allow more files to be downloaded to it.

To resolve this problem if you have multiple drives such as (C:, D:, E), you will need to change the drive since by default it is set to drive C:.

If you are using Google Chrome,

       1) Click on the options tab.

        2) Go to Settings.

        3) On the bottom of the settings page click on "Show Advance Settings"

        4) Go to downloads, and change the download location to a different drive such as,

                If you find,  


                Change it to,


       Or alternatively you can check the option to ask where to save each file before downloading.


If you are using Internet Explorer,

            1) Select the file you want to download by right clicking and selecting "Save Target As"

            2) Select a location on a different drive than where your downloads are now such as D, E or F.

            3) Save the file there.


Also please delete the old files that you have no use of to free space. You can also free space by running the clean disk space utility.

          1) Go to My Computer

          2) Right click on the drive you want to free disk space on, e.g. C, D.

          3) Go to Properties

          4) Click on "disk cleanup" next to your drive's statistics

          5) Check items such as temporary internet files, Recycle Bin, Temporary Files, and Thumbnails.

          6) Click on ok

This should free up some space on your Drive for you to continue further downloads.


Hope This Helps



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