How to fix heat problem in Lion OS update?

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When I upgraded to OS X Mountain Lion, my MacBook Air's battery life drastically dropped to 3 hours and became extremely hot in a few hours of using it. What are the steps on how to fix heat problem in Lion OS update as well as it's battery life issues?

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How to fix heat problem in Lion OS update?


Hello Anderson,

I think you are passing your days in anxiety along with tension of regular drainage of battery and you are in panic from being spoiled. Don't worry regular but careful and maintaining proper way can help you from this persisting problem and can lengthen your device life time.

This is happened because at your first upgrading as for indexing it worked normal but after completing the indexing and because of need of long term its activity gradually fall and created heat problem.

After following the instruction hope you will successfully get rid of this troubleshooting.

  • you should open activity motor and you need to find out for what using the most percentage of CPU and quit it
  • turn your blue tooth off after when you are not using it.
  • after verification of disk permission and checking utility and after repairing them most of the pressure on CPU will decrease and will help you from further charge loosing.

Best of luck.

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