How to fix corrupted C drive?

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Hello everybody,

I am here to find a clue about a technical issue, which I am facing for last four days. I have a Dell laptop. I have installed MS windows Vista on my laptop and I am having problem while using it (the problem is only related to C drive). Well, the issue is that my Windows Vista won’t load.

Whenever I want to start my Laptop (after completing the BIOS start-up runway) it does not load further and a still blank page appears.

I am going crazy due to this particular issue because I have done all the things which I could do myself to solve this… Even after trying different tricks I am not been able to succeed. The steps which I took earlier to fix this problem are given below.

1. First of all I put operating system compact disk in the CD ROM and tried to do a repair but while attempting to do so, there comes an error message containing “C drive is corrupted and cannot be repaired).  So, the repairing source didn’t work for me.

2. Then, I tried starting Windows in safe mode but my OS is not able to load even in safe mode and that’s why another hope of mine goes down.

3. I have re-arranged the jumper setting for Mass storage device/hard drive but this also didn’t fix the issue.

Yes I can completely re-install my Windows but I have a lot of important files that I really do not want to loose. That’s why I don’t want to do a complete re-install of windows.

So, I would love to know, how to fix corrupted C drive?

My Laptop is only 11 months old, and has extended warranty and accidental damage for another 3 years. But I do not really understand whether the drive malfunction is my fault or Laptop's.

Can someone please advice?

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How to fix corrupted C drive?


Hi Dilhara,

It is a major issue of any operating system. I have given some solution on the below that would be helpful for you.

Solution 1:

  • You have to Download MaxBlast Hard drive utility tools for your computer.
  • Then you have to copy the MaxBlust tools in a floppy disk.
  • Insert the disk into floppy drive along with corrupted drive.
  • Then restart your computer.
  • When your System BIOS will load then choose the option “F” to run your floppy disk.
  • Then you have to select Utilities option from the main menu of MaxBlust and click on the Write Zeros option.
  • It will remove all unusual corrupted data from your drive.
  • Restart again your computer. I hope your C drive will work again perfectly.

Solution 2:

  • Go to Start menu and click on the Run option.
  • Type SFC command on run option and press Enter.
  • It will remove all bad sectors from your hard drive.
  • You can type SCANNOW command on run option and press Enter.
  • It will also remove the bad sector from your hard drive.

Solution 3: If you can not resolve the problem then you can follow the below:

  • Go to your My computer by double clicking.
  • Then right click on your C drive icon then select Properties option.
  • Then you have to select tools option from the menu.
  • Click on the Check now option.
  • If you want to maximum cleanup then you have to select Automatically fix-file system errors.
  • It will fix all error of your C drive.

Solution 4: You can easily resolve this problem by running CHKDSK option. For running CHKDSK option follow the below:

  • Go to start menu and select Run option.
  • You have to type cmd command on run option and press enter.
  • For running CHKDSK option type CHKDSK and press enter.
  • If you want to repair your hard drive errors without scanning then type chkdsk volume/f and press enter.
  • A message will display on your computer screen like (Y/N)
  • You have to type Y and press Enter.
  • It will start schedule check of your hard drive.
  • You have to restart your computer to run disk checking. I hope it will resolve your problem.

Solution 5: You can run disk cleanup option for resolve this problem:

  • Go to My computer by double clicking
  • Then right click on your C drive.
  • Select General option from the menu and select Disk cleanup option.
  • It wills cleanup your entire bad sector.

Solution 6: If you can not remove this problem by above method then you have to fully install a new operating system. Don’t worries you can get all you lost data by various data recovering or data backup software. Before installing new operating system you can use Microsoft FIX it tools. You can also use a strong Antivirus with license key and apply full scan your computer. That may help to resolve your problem.

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How to fix corrupted C drive?


Hi Dilhara,

  • Well you already said that it’s already corrupted, the only thing left to do is to completely reformat your drive C and install a fresh copy of your windows, and it’s the only way to solve your problem.
  • But the problem is you have important files in your hard drive, and you need to have to get it first before reformat your hard drive,
  • Well all you need to do is to remove your hard drive in your laptop, some laptop especially the latest model can easily remove the hard drive because it’s just only detachable under the laptop, but if your laptop is old and your hard drive is inside your laptop then you must go to a laptop technician and let them remove your hard drive and do your back up.

Hope this can help.

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