How to Fix Connection Timed Out Error?

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Whenever I am requesting for particular URLs, there is this one error that hits the screen time and again, instead of servicing my request. The error is shown below:

This webpage is not available


Please tell me how to get rid of this.

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How to Fix Connection Timed Out Error?


A “Connection Timed Out” Error basically means that the request your computer has sent to the server, cannot be fulfilled within the expected timeframe. There can be several reasons for this error. One such reason may be that the main server you are trying to access itself is not responding to any requests at all, which implies that either your router is badly configured, or there is some network problem in the connection.

However, because a Connection Timed Out error doesn’t exhibit any additional information to point out where the issue is, you can also try to access other websites in order to check, because in that case, the problem may be with the website or the particular server you are visiting, instead and you will have to contact them, personally to get it solved. If the problem persists, you will have to troubleshoot the router to which your PC is connected. If that too does not work, try contacting your ISP.


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How to Fix Connection Timed Out Error?


When visiting a website, you normally get that message on your web browser when the website you are trying to access doesn’t respond for a specific amount of time. Web browsers are actually designed for this when the web server doesn’t respond at the end of a predetermined period of time. One of the possible reasons for this is your internet connection.

One example is my case with my service provider. When I was still with my previous service provider, one of the many websites I frequently visited works perfectly fine. I never had a connection timeout, not even once. But after I shifted to another service provider, the one I’m currently using right now, that same website is no longer working properly.

I keep getting a page timeout something like every five minutes or much more frequently. It only works properly when I turn on my proxy. This case is obviously related to my current ISP and there’s no way to fix it. Another possible reason is if the website you are trying to access is at peak level.

Meaning, the website is busy and is currently receiving very high traffic and can no longer accommodate further connection requests. On the other hand, if you are using Google Chrome and the page times out very quickly, you should update to the latest version. This is a bug in older versions of Google Chrome but it has been fixed since then.

Also, if you have a very slow internet connection, the possibility of getting a page timeout is high. So, if you are visiting a site during peak hours and the page timed out, try it at a much later time or during off-peak hours. That should fix the problem. You might also consider using a proxy because it bypasses the way your ISP handles your connection.

If you are using Opera browser, you can use a free proxy service by installing the SurfEasy VPN plug-in.

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