How To Find My ISP To Know Access To The Internet.

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Internet service providers are the ones who provide us access to the internet. The internet services given by the internet service providers include web hosting, internet access, internet transit to find my ISP?

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How To Find My ISP To Know Access To The Internet.


Full form of ISP is internet service provider. In Windows, we need two things –IP address and who is utility command prompts. To determine the IPaddress, you can find it by the command prompt or internet. BY COMMAND PROMPT

1) Select win key + R key.

2) This will Run and in the bar enter cmd.

3) Command prompt will appear.

4) Type ipconfig in it.

5) Search default gateway and the corresponding ip address is our computers IP address.


1) Go to

2) On the first page your IP address will be displayed.

To find our internet service providers, we need to download who is utility service.

1) Go to

2) After the download, right-click on the extension and extract the components of zip.

3) Go to whois.exe file an copy it to the windows directory(C:).

4) Go to command prompt and type‘who is your IPaddress’.

5) All your ISP’s will be displayed.


1) Go to .

2) Skip the ad.

3) Press’ begin’ on the right side corner.

4) It will display all the isp’s of your computer.

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