How to find the MAC address of Wireless Network adapter

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Hi guys,

I'm to enter MAC address of my Wireless Lan adapter in my Wireless Router. And I'm unable to find its MAC address. Its not written on my Notebook, and its not showing up when I put the command "ipconfig /all" in command prompt. 

My ethernet adapted and some other things ( I don't know what they are) are showing up after putting the command "ipconfig /all" but the Wireless Lan Adapter is not showing. I have an Atheros Wi-fi adapter. 

Please help me out to resolve that issue as soon as possible.




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How to find the MAC address of Wireless Network adapter


The screenshot in your post has the detailed information of what type of network you are using.There is a LAN connection, the Ethernet adapter or Local area connection and there's Ethernet adapter for Bluetooth network connection.

LAN connection is used for wired type of networking. It use CAT5 cord plugged into your computer going out into the modem. This allows them to communicate via LAN networking. Computer must have ethernet adapter installed, and the screenshot shows that you have. So, this means your computer is compatible and ready for wired connection anytime.

Since you are about to configure wireless network and you want to add the Mac Address in Mac Filtering in the router set-up, you need to look for Physical Address under Ethernet adapter Local Area connection.

This information is consist of 12 alpha-numeric character. The Mac Address should look like this 2c-f1-38-89-bc-**.


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