How to extract cso software Mac?

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I am new with mac, so please someone explain to me how to to extract cso software mac, i know to do it on Windows, but Mac is so different.

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How to extract cso software Mac?


Please follow the below instructions in order to extract a CSO file.

1. First you have to access a command prompt. For that open a terminal window and then type the following commands.

2. Type "su" in order to become the root user.

3. Then type "mkdir /mnt/image" to make a mount point for the CSO file. This directory will allow you to access files within the CSO file.

4. Then enter the command "mount -o loop Image.iso /mnt/image" and then replace the exact location of the CSO file.

5. This will enable you to access your files within the directory.

7. When you are finished using directory type "unmount /mnt/image" to close the directory.


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