How to establish connection issues when installing devices

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I currently have the latest Microsoft operating system installed on my computer and I attempted to add another driver for one of my external devices. I am always prompted with the problem that the system cannot establish a connection to the desired drive location of the file.

Hence, the program cannot be added. I went ahead and contacted the customer support of my device driver manufacturer and they gave me solutions for Windows settings, which I found that, were already in place. I even tried the built-in problem solver in my computer but the problem still persists. The manufacturer does not want to help anymore and they are insisting that it is not their issue anymore.

Can you please give me advice on how to move forward with this? How can I add this driver without getting an error?

Thank you.

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How to establish connection issues when installing devices


Which external device is that you are trying to install the driver for? Because the device might be installing the driver itself the moment you connect it to the computer. For instance, the USB flash drives install the USB drivers that are needed for them to work the moment you connect them to the computer.

You will also need to check that the drivers that you are installing are compatible or are meant to be used on the operating system that you are using, for the problem as to why it is not installing may be due to compatibility issues.

An alternative will be to try and install the driver from the device manager in case you can see it there. You will just need to right click on the driver and update it online.



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