How to edit wordpress template using CSS?Please help!

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Hi guys I want to know how to edit wordpress template using CSS.Please help me wordpress templates can also be edited in html and php also.And which text editors I need to avoid while editing the wordpress template other than using word editor, spread sheet and other similar editors than which should be used please let me know the answer soon.

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How to edit wordpress template using CSS?Please help!


Hi Dennis S Stabler,

WordPress templates are generally in 4 parts. Php, HTML, CSS & Javascripting

If you want to only change the CSS of the template, I would suggest you to locate a folder containing CSS files related the theme.

These are not specifically located in a defined folder and you need to locate theme yourself.

Every theme developer has its own design and structure, so you need to first locate them

Once you find the stylesheets, you can use notepad+ or dreamweaver or Aptana Studio or any other IDE available to edit the CSS file and make changes.

Press F12 in browser and FireBug would be activated. Point to the tags and locate the CSS classes used.

On the other hand you can find these in your stylesheets and make the required changes.

Hope this solves your problem!


Okello Kelvin

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