How to Edit PDF File

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I do have lots of PDF files.  When I am  looking to edit the files, and tried it so many times, I was totally unsuccessful. So is there an way to edit the PDF file? and, is that generally possible? I am looking for your answer’s. Your kind help may save my time and money, by converting them and then editing the files.

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How to Edit PDF File


The PDF  files are actually not editable.  However, we can achieve editing the PDF  files, by converting the file into a document file by using some software’s which are available online. So using that let me explain to you, how to do that and also the software which is efficient for this application.

As I said before I would recommend two software’s for converting the PDF files into a .doc file, which is word format. The software’s are PDF Import Extension, which is a well suitable one for all the platforms like MAC and Windows. And the highlighting specialty is that they can be used to convert images or anything in a PDF file.

The other software that I would suggest is PDF fill, which can be used for applications relating to PDF conversion, which are not available in PDF Import Extension. Both these software’s are free downloads, that you may find easily by looking for it in Google.

First let me explain, how to use the PDF fill.

Just download the PDF fill and install it on your computer .Then you may open the PDF Fill editor and you may encrypt, decrypt merge any PDF files. If you need to edit the PDF file, just click on File and then open. Now you may have the browse option to select the PDF file that you are looking to be edited.

About the PDF Import Extension, it can be only used with the Open Office software. If you have Open Office already, just run the PDF Import extension and then you may start editing the files by opening the Open Office.  If you don’t have the Open Office; you need to first download it; then you need to install the Open Office Document first ; and then the PDF Import Extension to start converting and editing the PDF Files.

Hope my answer would have completely addressed your Query. Bye

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How to Edit PDF File


PDF files are not intended to be edited, for it is an accurate representation of a certain document. However, there are programs and applications that will allow you to change or edit it and will extract it's content.

There are also types of changing PDF files. I will explain the text manipulations, in which you will use special tools to manage the size,type,etc. of fonts in your file.

Some of these special tools that you can use are : Adobe Acrobat and Acrobat Professional – this is the very least option that you might take, for when you edit the text here like add or delete, it will not re-flow the other texts in the entire column. Use this only if you do not have other choice.

Another tool is the Adobe illustrator – now this tool can open a large file, but it is not advisable to use though, for it uses its own fonts automatically, different from the text that you have in your PDF file.

The next tool is the Infix PDF editor- now this is a good tool that can be used in editing your PDF file. Unlike Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Illustrator, this tool allows you to edit your file the way you want it. It's like you are using a normal word processor.

I hope you understand the difference between the tools on editing a PDF file. Choose what suits your ability and skills and what you think is best for you. I have given you the guidelines on the anticipated output, advantages and disadvantages when using these special tools.

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