How to edit a pdf document on a mac

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How to create and edit a PDF document on a Mac?

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How to edit a pdf document on a mac

  • Open the file PDF that he (she) wants to edit.
  • Select 'to Select everything' in the menu edition or pulsate 'I command to'.
  • Select to 'Copy' in the menu edition or press 'Command C.'
  • Cove Microsoft Word for Mac.
  • Select to 'Give' in the menu edition or touch 'Command V.'
  • To edit the text PDF inside the word.
  • In the menu I File, select 'to Keep like (as)'. A new window will be opened.
  • Name of the file in 'Keeping like (as): ' I stand out (camp). To choose a place for the file that is created in the menu 'Where'.
  • Choose the format 'PDF' off the menu 'Format'. Click on 'Keeping'. The PDF file has been edited and created on your Mac.

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Answered By 10 points N/A #92506

How to edit a pdf document on a mac


Hello John,

To create a PDF document you first have to create it using a word document and then convert it into the PDF format using a word to PDF converter. Alternatively, MS office has an option that allows you to save your document in the PDF format after editing it using Microsoft word.

To edit a PDF document, you need to first convert it into a word document because you cannot edit a PDF document. There is a software for converting PDF documents to word documents called 'free PDF to word converter' which you get for free online. Convert the document to word, edit it and then save as PDF document.

Lee Hung

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