How to download pictures from samsung l 100?

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Hello fellows,

How to download pictures from Samsung l 100? I am a wireless internet connected in our house since we have 5 mobile phones that need to get some internet connection and got 1 server which is located in our room. I would like to know if how can I download some pictures from Facebook using my Samsung l 100 phone.


Isabella Barry.

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How to download pictures from samsung l 100?


Hello Isabella,

Try selecting and opening a picture in your Samsung's Facebook application and then click option icon button. You should be able to see "save image as" selection. Then save it to your preferred folder.

If there's no save image as a feature. Here's another way to do this. But outside your phone. It should be done directly to your PC browser's content and then transferred you your Phone.

Here's the simple way; (I suggest Fire Fox).

  1. Open your Facebook on your PC.
  2. Select and open a picture.
  3. Right click the picture and select Save Image As.
  4. Save image to your preferred directory. I suggest you save this to Desktop (create a new folder here and name it).
  5. Repeat Selecting and Opening and Saving pictures to your preferred directory.

Once you finish downloading, You need to; (Basic Knowledge on your Computer OS is necessary so you can follow.)

  1. Insert your Phone's memory card to your Card Reader (required).
  2. Insert your Memory Card Reader Cable to your PC.
  3. Copy all your pictures file from the Directory where you save it.
  4. Paste your Pictures inside your Memory Card's directory Drive.
  5. You should be able to paste in your Memory card's Pictures folder. 
  6. That's it.

I hope this helps you.

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How to download pictures from samsung l 100?

Hi Isabella Barry,
There is an effective way to have your pictures saved from Facebook to your mobile Samsung I 100. If there are no options that you can save the picture from your phone, then you can install a screenshot app on your device.
Just search on Google any screenshot app that is suitable for your Samsung I 100. Once you have installed a screenshot app, you can go to the picture that you wish to save and execute the screenshot. The picture will automatically be saved on your photos or in the folder where the screenshots are directed.
Hope this helps. Enjoy saving your pictures.

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