How to downgrade from windows 7 to xp easily

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How to downgrade from windows 7 to xp? I want to downgrade from windows seven to my previous version windows xp? Can anybody help me to do this?

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How to downgrade from windows 7 to xp easily


 If you Upgraded to to Windows seven from the Windows Xp previously and if you have the Windows.old
folder in your computer, then you can downgrade from windows seven to windows XP by following these steps:

Keep in mind the letter of your dvd/cd-rom drive (assume the letter is E here)
First, insert the Windows XP installation dvd/cd and restart the computer.
To boot, hit any key.
Choose your settings, then click Next.
Select Repair of your computer.
To continue, click next.

From the System Recovery, select Command Prompt.
Then, rename the recent Windows Seven installation files to .7
Use these commands to rename:

C: (In this case the system partition drive letter is c:)

ren "Users” “Users.7”
ren "Program Files” “Program Files.7”
ren Windows Windows.7

Then, delete the “Documents & Settings” junction.
Now, it is possible to move the Windows Xp set up to the system partition from the Windows.old
using these commands:

rmdir "Documents and Settings”
move /y “c:windows.olddocuments and settings” c:
move /y “c:windows.oldprogram files” c:
move /y c:windows.oldwindows c:

To restore the boot sector, open the Command Prompt and type:

e:/boot/bootsect /nt52 c:

Hit Enter and then restart the computer.
Now to restore Boot.ini file, open the Command Prompt and type:
attrib boot.ini.saved -s -h -r
ren"boot.ini.saved" "boot.ini"
attrib boot.ini +s +h +r

Then, restart the computer.
After the procedure, these files will be remain:
Program Files.7

Then, backup the personal data.
Hopefully, this answer is helpful, easier and clearer steps to fix the problem.

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