How Does “USB Over Network Linux” Help You?

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USB device is important to us because you can just plug it into your computer and instantly, you can get the important information that you need. But how about if the USB device isn't in your hand? Is it still possible to access it using the feature "USB Over Network Linux"? If yes, how does "USB Over Network Linux" help you?

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How Does “USB Over Network Linux” Help You?


Hi Apleshap888,

I think I can be able to help you with your query. It is true how you ask about the "USB over Network Linux" feature. Indeed you can be able to access the usb device from a virtual machine or a remote machine,but the usb device needs to be attached to the machine or the network.

It really has many advantages starting with being able to access the usb drive(s) from the virtual network. A usb device can be accessed from any computer on the network.

The use of the usb device can be restricted access to certain users although it can also still be used in the network over the linux or windows server.

It is usually very easy to use when you have installed it in your computer,it has two types of users; the server and the client. You can be able to share local usb devices over a network. The computers connected to the network will view the usb device.

It helps the users in a corporate network to organize and share a USB server where they can share the information from the USB device.

I hope this helps


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