How does GPS work, can I use it without Wifi

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Hi tech experts,

How does GPS work?

I have Google maps on my phone, and I usually connect with WiFi.  

Can GPS work without WiFi?  

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How does GPS work, can I use it without Wifi


There are 27 satellites that support the GPS navigational systems. These satellites circle the earth 24 hours a day in a cyclic pattern. A minimum of four satellites is always accessible to any point on earth. Satellites start tracking a device whenever radio waves are sent out from an activated device. Three satellites work together to narrow down possible location points to determine the receiver's exact location. This process is called trilateration.

The fourth satellite compiles the data and checks match.The distance is calculated based on how long it takes for the radio signal to travel from the receiver and the satellite and vice versa.

Most mobile phones, use what we call AGPS or Assisted Global Positioning System, wherein cellular networks use their towers to help mobile phones relay satellite signal information.

To use GPS on an Android phone without a WIFI, you can download MapDroyd.

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How does GPS work, can I use it without Wifi


Hello Mcoy,

Nice question, how does GPS works?

Global Positioning System (GPS) is the technology to locate a position or a device across the globe.It  is done mainly by  satellite systems. if you want someone or something to be tracsd or located by GPS the object should have a specialized device known as GPS device, that emmits signals. the signal is then accepted by satellites and it determines where from the signal is coming. there are some satellites for this purpose only, around the earth.

There is no relation of GPS system with WiFi etc. if your phone have a GPS device in it to transmit it's position, then you can be traced, or you can find your position in the earth, with it.

Hope that answers you,



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