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How does Event id for account lockout work in lockouts


Event id is which is used to recognize the save point. Every process which we perform in the system or a general process has a unique id. So what all the programs we do in the system have an id.
Every event which is being done in the system has an id, whatever may be the action we perform everything is considered and recognized with the event id.
Whenever the program/event is processing, and some crash has occurred, and the process will be terminated then there is a chance of losing the data which we have created.
So, with the help of the event id, we can recognize which process has been damaged or terminated in the middle of the process with-out the completion of the process.
Similar way when we are on the internet, we access our online files and accounts. Take an example of some intruder who is trying to access your online account without your knowledge.
The Intruder may try to enter into your account with your password. So whenever the intruder try’s to login to your online account by typing various passwords. Then at some particular point, you’re a/c will reach a stage where it will display “Account Lockout.”
To know exactly when and where the account lockout has occurred, we use the event Id. As we discussed above any action performing is called and event. The process which happened above is also the same. But the only difference is that Account lockout can occur both the ways either your online accounts or with your personal accounts which are connected to your online accounts like Windows once.

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Let us now see how to troubleshoot the problem of the Account lockout:
There is some tools and software’s which will be useful in diagnosing the problem:
Microsoft and many other companies have provided the solution tools for the problems like account lockouts. To know and get them check on the Link
Like this a solution of the Account lockouts can be resolved.

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