How do you remove SQL injections and guard against them?

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How do you remove SQL injections and guard against them? My antivirus detected one. Now my computer runs slow so I want to know what went wrong. 

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How do you remove SQL injections and guard against them?


Sometimes, New Programmers/developers input wrong data in MySQL database. This may cause security issues. This security issue also widely known as “SQL Injection”.

The SQL-injection appears when someone inputs a MySQL command-line to access the database without proper authority or Admin’s Knowledge. In precisely, Injection is generated when someone tries access and search other people’s name/ID instead of assigned ID.

 If someone has proper authority and still having SQL injection problem then, he should do the following work:

  • Check the name you are typing mismatches with other user. If there is another name, closely resembles the current ID, then rename the other name. Type the original name to access the proper account.
  • If the error is showing in Network environment, try to identify the illegal intruder, the person who has forgot his account info or the person whose account info has been changed.
  • If the error is generating in Internet-network environment then stop the Internet connection. Rename all the ID name and Password. Then run the Internet-Network again.
  • You can use WebCruiser or other web security software for identifying the culprit. WebCruiser can help you Detect & remove SQL Injection error.


If any Cyberpunk manages to access your Database, he can delete the entire database just using the DELETE command. So, take this problem as AAA category and take all the necessary prevention. 


Crawly Math.

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