How do they get my email address?

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There are so many unwanted emails in my gmail account. Most of them are of home based job or how to earn a lot of money in short time. How do they get my email address? What steps should I take to stop those unwanted emails?

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How do they get my email address?


Hi Dawn,

Regarding your question, most of us get spam messages in our inbox almost everyday. This is due to many reasons like when you subscribe to an online offer and you accidentally left your info with them. they usually get back to you to offer you deals. This is how they do their online marketing.

Other ways of getting your email is when your ISP sells your info to third parties. This really happens but it should be illegal. Some employees from your ISP makes money out of your account. Another is when you subscribe to a social network like Facebook or Twitter, spammers can easily Google some of your info. It will show once they type in your name or part of your email address.

Some companies also sell your info to other companies. They profit from it as well. Like if you subscribe to a cell phone provider, their marketing staff collects all your info and place them on your database. Once you unsubscribe to them and they no longer have a use for your info, they sell it to other companies thus earning from it.

I have been a telemarketer before that's why i know these stuff. Chat rooms may also be a reason for spammers to get your email address. Usually when one flags his/her email in a chat room spammers get this info. So everyone should be careful in giving out their info.

Hope this helps!


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