How to do server in SQL server

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Please I just install SQL server 2008 R2. And when it finishes I can't connect it to the server. I have no server in it and even I uninstall it and install it again I have the same problem.

Help me please.

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How to do server in SQL server



Go to control panel > Firewall Settings > Add SQL Server’s Port to Exception List. From the dialog box Check network diagnostics for windows XP, Remote Assistance Add a port dialog name SQL, port Number 1433, select TCP then ok check SQL in exceptions then select add port then ok it will solve your problem.

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How to do server in SQL server


If an application failed to connect with a data-source or database, firstly check it is really cannot connect in a generic way. Then do a simple UDL Test using OLE DB.

So if your getting problem to connect to SQL server then try this,

1. Right click on desktop & create a new empty text file. Change the file name to “test.udl”

2. Open the “test.udl” file. A window titled “Data Link Properties” will come.

3. Click on the Provider tab then you’ll get entire the installed OLE DB providers in the window.

4. Then select the interested OLE DB provider and click Next.

5. Now go to the Connection tab and it is ready to play with the OLE DB provider. Then it depends on the Selected OLE DB provider.

You’ll get the same window as below if you select “Microsoft OLE DB Provide for SQL”.

Data Link Properties

Now you need to type the SQL server or instance name then give the SQL server username in “Use a Specific user name and password”. This means “SQL Authentication”. Most of people mistake to type a Windows/Domain user like “mydomainmyuser” but it is wrong.

The SQL server username should like “ab” etc. If you choose “Use Windows NT Integrated Security” then password & username will be disabled. So please keep your server in “mixed” mode. (Please search SQL Server Books on the internet).

Now click on “Test Connection” to test directly or click ok on the pop-up box.

Microsoft data Link

All this information will save in the “test.udl” file there you’ll find the “connection string”. If you select “Use Windows NT Integrated security” then you’ll get same what I attached.

I think this is helpful for you. Because if you connect through udl file then it will prevent you to make typos in the connection & help you generate the connection strings.

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