How Do I Stop My Email From Sending Spam Messages?

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My Email account has sent some spam messages to a handful of my family and friends. How do I stop my Email from sending spam? Please help as it is causing a lot of trouble! I have a Yahoo account.

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How Do I Stop My Email From Sending Spam Messages?


If it the case, then your Yahoo account has been hacked. You can fix it by doing the following:

Change your account’s password. Use a more unique and stronger one.

If the problem is not over, review the following:

a) Check your alternate Email address. If it not the one you added, change it for security purpose.

b) Check your account for Signature, mail forwarding, filters, banned addresses, etc.

c) Check your computer for malware and other viruses.

d) Check for forged messages.

• Vies the full header of the spam email.

• Note the IP address from the Received From field.

• Determine the ISP provider.

• Contact the sender’s ISP to take appropriate action.

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How Do I Stop My Email From Sending Spam Messages?


If your Yahoo email account is sending out spam messages to your contacts, one way of stopping it is to change your email account’s password and add a second layer protection. That problem also happened to my email account and a couple of my friends’ email accounts as well but it stopped eventually. To change your password, go to your Yahoo Account Info and log in.

In “Personal Info” screen, click “Account Security” on the left pane to access your account’s security options. In “Account Security” screen under “How you sign in” section, click “Change password” on the far right of the screen. Follow the instructions to change your password. Next, under “Two-step verification” section, click the button on the far right to enable this option.

In this option, you will be required to enter your cellphone number to be used as a second layer protection. Follow the instructions to register your phone number. Once this is enabled, every time you log in to your account on a new browser, Yahoo will require you to enter a code which Yahoo will be sending to the phone number you registered.

This prevents your account from getting unauthorized access from unknown locations.

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