How do I resize GIF Microsoft Paint?

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I have a couple of GIF files that I would like to resize and insert on Word. 

I have MS Paint and Microsoft Word 2010.  

How do I resize GIF Microsoft Paint.  

Any help would be much appreciated.  

Thanks in advance.

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How do I resize GIF Microsoft Paint?


Hi Alex A Gonzales,

Thanks for asking how to resize GIF using MS Paint as most of us face the problem. GIF format is an image file which can be resize using MS Paint. MS Paint comes as a standard installation in all the version of Windows. it's a basic image editor where you can do the task like resizing. More advance image editing like retouching may not be possible with it. You just follow the steps below to accomplish the task.

1. Go to Windows & write MSpaint at the run/blank search field. It will open the MS Paint window.

2. Then go to File tab & select option Open & browse the GIF file you need to edit.

3. Required GIF file will now be showed on the window.

4. Select File option and choose Properties.

5. Now by changing the values in the "Width" and "Height" options you can adjust GIF size to your liking . You also have the preference for choosing dimensions in either inches or pixels.

6. Click Save or press Ctrl+S to save the changes.

7. If you want to keep the original one please use Save As, where you can save the file in different name.

Thanks & Regards,



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How do I resize GIF Microsoft Paint?


Hi Alex,

I think resizing a GIF files in MS Paint is possible but I had a very fast and easy solution for you. You can edit, resize or even create a GIF image online. There are several photo editing websites which allows you to resize GIF image and it is still moving.

I have tested this myself. Visit this link or and start resizing you GIF Pictures.

I hope it helps you as it did to me.

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