How do I Remove Items from the Notification Area?

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I want to remove a certain icon on my system tray. Is that possible with Windows XP SP3?

I want to remove it completely and not just to hide it.

Please send me some suggestions.



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How do I Remove Items from the Notification Area?


There is no particular command in Windows that automatically removes an item in the system tray. Because first of all, Windows doesn't handle which icon should be or should not be displayed in its system tray. It's the program itself that displays its own icon.

If you see your program icon on the system tray, you can remove it manually by right-clicking on it then choosing Exit, Close or any of the program’s associated command. But even if you manually remove it, the next time you boot your computer it will be back again and again.

I’m sure there is an option in that particular program that disables the displaying of its icon in the system tray. Find it inside the program so it will be removed permanently. Or you can just hide it always so you don’t get annoyed every time you see it on the tray.

Follow these steps to permanently hide the program icon:

  1. Right-click on the Start button, and choose Properties. Or the other way ‘round, click Start then press ALT+ENTER. It’s just the same. The latter is a shortcut to Properties option.
  2. Click Customize.
  3. Locate your program under Current Items, click it. Change its option to Always hide then click OK.
  4. Click Apply then OK.

And it’s done. Your program’s icon will no longer be displayed in the system tray.

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How do I Remove Items from the Notification Area?


Hi this is my solution on your problem.Very easy with screenshots below.

Click the "start" button.

Click Run..


Then in the blank space just type msconfig.

Go to "Startup" tab 

As you notice there are many programs listed below.Just uncheck the program that you don't want to show on your notification area.


Restart your computer to see the changes.

When you reboot for the first time a message box will appear telling you that you have used the System Configuration Utility to make changes the Windows start.Just check the box so that it will not show itself again.

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