How do I migrate joomla mySQL to msSQL?

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Hi people.  Can someone help me with this? 

How can I accurately migrate Joomla MySQL to MySQL? 

I have Joomla 1.7.0, Ubuntu 10.04.4 server and PHP 5.3.3. 

I plan to migrate it on Windows Server 2008. 

Any suggestions would be highly appreciated. 


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How do I migrate joomla mySQL to msSQL?


Hi there David Harrison,

Even the migration to Microsoft SQL sounds really nice, unfortunately, in your case it cannot be done successfully.
Joomla CMS doesn't support Microsoft SQL databases before the 2.5 version, so in order to migrate your site you will need to upgrade your Joomla site first.
Also, you should know that many of the components, modules and plugins will not work on the Microsoft SQL database so make sure you have the backup option for every extension that might stop working.
Once you've updated your website, migration is not hard at all. For detailed instructions please visit this link: MySQL to Microsoft SQL.
Best regards,
Drake Vivian

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