How do I Maximize my Internet Speed

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Hello There,

When i am connected to the internet and I double click on the two blinking computer icons i get the following window:

This shows that I should be having 236.8 Kbps speed, what I now wonder is that, when i start downloading anything the downloading speed average from 0 Kbps – 2 Kbps while downloading a file of about 3 Mb.

Is there away I can utilize this speed in full?

Help Please.

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How do I Maximize my Internet Speed


Hey James Jude,

There are many reasons for which your internet connection may slow down the speed, for this you have to check few measures.

  1. Upgrade your computer.
  2. Upgrade your internet router equipment.
  3. Replaced your old modem to new one.
  4. Make sure that your router is properly connected to the wireless phone set.
  5. Delete your cache files.
  6. Complain to the connection providers.
  7. Check internet settings.
  8. Check whether any one else could use the home network which may slows down the efficiency of your internet.
  9. If you have WiFi then put password so that any else of your surrounding can not use your internet which slows down the internet speed.


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How do I Maximize my Internet Speed



Hi James,
There are several reasons why your internet connection become slow. To be able to speed up your internet connection, first you should have to do some basic maintenance in your pc. Just like run defragment, a scan disk, a virus scan and by clearing the recycle bin. Usually low internet connection maybe infected by the virus found in your pc that affect the connection of your internet.
You should have enough space in your C: Drive for about 1/3 of the capacity. Second, Reset your home network, if you have a router. Third, Check your home network equipment generally. If you have many computers connected in your hub you must unplug it and use a router because hub is a dumb a lower level equipment that slower your connection.
Fourth, Upgrade your computer, even if your connection is fast but your personal computer is slow theres nothing we can do, all you have to do is to upgrade also your computer. Fifth, Your speed connection is slow because other programs are using it. To test if other programs working/running such as anti-virus and other updates, without your knowing.
Click start, Select Run, then Type cmd. Type nestat-5 > activity.txt. After a moment, hold down Ctrl and press C. This has created a file with a list of all programs running with your internet connection. Now open the activity.txt and you will see the list of programs.
Sixth, Press the Ctrl + Alt + Delete to view the Task Bar, and then select the Tab Process and try to close those process that stealing your valuable bandwidth. I hope this steps will gives you idea on how to speed up your internet connection. Happy surfing.

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