How do I make a 3d pool shot 3ds max software?

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Hi.  I'm new to 3d graphics and I plan on using the software from 3ds max.  I'd like to create a 3d pool shot 3ds max game.  Does the software come with free templates and is there support from C++?  My system specs are Intel i3 2.66 GHz, 1 G RAM, 1G video card.  Thanks

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How do I make a 3d pool shot 3ds max software?




The Autodesk 3ds Max software provides powerful and specialized tool sets for game developers. It comes with ready-to-use, template-based character rigging systems.

                It provides a rich and powerful C++ Application Program Interface and comes with Software Development Toolkit (SDK), which provides extensive C++ and .Net code samples and documentation

But as far as I know, it requires minimum 2GB RAM where as 4GB RAM is recommended 



Laz Zebbea

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