How do I know that the installer CD or DVD is fake?

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I recently bought Autocad 212 version. I saw online that it sells like $30 but I just bought mine in a flea market for only $10. I wonder if it's fake or what. The seller says it's original but honestly, I really don't know if it's really original or not. How do I determine if the one I bought is original or a fake one?

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How do I know that the installer CD or DVD is fake?


Hi Trisha,


Nowadays, it is very easy to recognize if the cd or dvd installer is genuine or fake. First, take a look of the cd's casing. Real Cd has high quality casing while fake cd has low quality special the paper inserted on it. You can also determine the writings on the cd itself. Most fake cd's have wrong spelling written on the cd and is often blurry while genuine cd or dvd has very clear writings on it. You can also check the copyright and the licensing of the cd you bought. All genuine cd's have a copyright details written at the bottom. And most importantly, once you inserted the cd on your computer, it should be recognized and displays the media name. I hope that this solution enlightens you about genuine or fake cd or dvd. Have a great day!



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How do I know that the installer CD or DVD is fake?


The easiest way to identify if the CD is fake is to look for watermark. Legit CD has this watermark printed or pasted on the CD in front.

This watermark is a colored type of sticker and is either combined with gold and green, yellow and red. But this depends what country your at and the brand of the CD.

It usually has a digital signature that indicate where the CD came from and the manufacturer or owner.

Of course, when you try to use of install the CD, you'll get either malfunctioning and is not properly operational. It also has limited stuff inside or a missing components, files and folders to fully install a program.

Some fake CD looks genuine but when you use it and activate the software, it'll tell you that it's fake because it is not registered to the manufacturer's database. The key is either not working or cannot be found, mostly invalid keys.

Not to buy a CD to any verdor not known or affiliated to the company's store. CD that are known to be pirated are usually cost cheap than the legit one. Contact the CD manufacturer and ask if what you have is genuine or not. This is the best way to identify if the CD is fake or legit.

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How do I know that the installer CD or DVD is fake?


Hello Trisha,

When you are purchasing an installer CD or DVD, ensure that the person that you are purchasing from is a genuine vendor of that product. When you purchase ensure that you are given a warranty so that when the installer fails to work properly you have a guarantee to return it and get a good one. Otherwise if you purchase from an untrusted vendor, the installer might end up not working properly and you cannot return since you do not have a warranty, and although it may have been cheap, you end up losing that money.

Also make sure that the seller test for you the installer so that you leave there knowing that it is in good condition, otherwise you may be blamed for corrupting the CD/DVD when you try to demand for a replacement.


Lee Hung

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