How do I get “Send To” to work with Hotmail? Or Gmail?

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I have Windows 7 PC and I need help on how to send emails using only the Windows applications. Is there a way that I can be able to send mails without using any web-based applications?

I am using Gmail and I want to send emails to my Hotmail and Yahoo contacts using this but without using any online applications. Is there a way that I can fix with my registry keys so I can make this idea possible?

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How do I get “Send To” to work with Hotmail? Or Gmail?


You can basically find a PC based email application programs and have it installed on your computer. There are several programs such as Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird just to mention but a few and many other you can think of.

During installation most of the programs will automatically be set as default or if not then they will ask to be set as default programs. You will need to configure the program to be accessing your mails in place on the web based interface.

The advantage of this approach is that you can back up your mails much easier something that I highly recommend and ensures that you are not affected by the web based random user interface changes. Chose IMAP instead of POP3 in case it is supported by your email service provider, this will allow you to access mails through the web or internet.

If you can only use POP3 then the downside is that you can only have access to your mails on your computer because they are downloaded and store on your computer. Generally most people use this approach of a desktop email program.

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How do I get “Send To” to work with Hotmail? Or Gmail?

Hi, welcome you in,
To get and install a PC-based email program like Windows Live Mail, Windows SharePoint, Thunderbird, Outlook, or any. Almost all of them will automatically set themselves as the default mail program on installation, or ask if you'd like them to. Configure/setup that program to access your email and begin using that instead of the web-based interface.
The good news is that this makes backing up your email. If your email provider supports it, choosing windows live mail or Microsoft SharePoint instead of means that you can access your email either via the web or via your internet-connected PC.
The bad news is that if you can only use, then email is downloaded and stored on your PC, meaning that you can only access it from your PC.
But using a desktop email program for this purpose might perhaps be the safest approach overall, as it's the most common way for people to access email in general. It's just not what everyone wants.
Hope it will be good for you.

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