How do I get around this Intralink 3.4 problem?

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I am getting the error message attached below.

File transfer operation failed



A file transfer operation failed during check out or check in of *:*:C:[prowork].proi[GOES-R_12-JAN]206740.asm.115 to us-cky-sv7:7777:f:ptcvaultscad[193055.asm Error 4: Internal Error (Trap). The error was 403

I have not upgraded it yet. I want to solve this. Please help me to do it.


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How do I get around this Intralink 3.4 problem?



When I read and analyzed your issue here, it involves writing a file to a certain destination, before hand let us first understand some situation that will prohibit us in writing to a storage medium, you will check if the target location of writing exist or correctly path, if it is a network path, make sure you are connected to the network, and with sufficient rights in writing to the target drive, there are times we get tangled in understanding that if we can open the file, we can append on it, nope maybe you don't have the write privilege.  

I hope by checking the mentioned possibilities above will help you solve your issues.

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