How do I crop and remove background image in Photoshop?

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I need tutorials on Adobe Photoshop.  

How do I crop and remove the background image of a JPEG photo using the erase tool in Photoshop? 

I need step by step instruction as I am new to Photoshop.

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How do I crop and remove background image in Photoshop?


Hi Emileekeila,

Photoshop is the best software for editing photos. To crop a picture you must select "Rectangular Marquee Tool". To select this tool you must click on the second icon on your next picture, or type the letter"M" and then select the area. Then you go to image -> crop.

For removing background go to this tutorial:


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How do I crop and remove background image in Photoshop?



There are actually different ways of removing the background from your image and one of them is by using the Eraser Tool. The Eraser Tool works very similar to an ordinary pencil eraser. Using this tool, you can easily remove anything in the image either the background or the foreground image. Your hand actually controls what you erase. To begin with, open Adobe Photoshop and then load a sample photo for practice. The Eraser Tool icon on the sidebar includes several other tools: the Background Eraser Tool and the Magic Eraser Tool.

To correctly select which tool to use, long press on the Eraser Tool icon until all tools are displayed and then select Eraser Tool. Or you can also use your keyboard by pressing SHIFT + E to select between the tools. Next, press on the left mouse button and then brush on the area you want to delete. After that when all areas you want to delete are removed, clean the edges of the area you preserved by zooming on it and then deleting any pixels that belongs to the background. You can zoom on the image by pressing Z on your keyboard.

Just save the file after that. For a better understanding, watch “How to Crop a photo using Photoshop | tutorial video by TechyV”.


Before brushing your mouse on the areas you want to delete, make sure to select white as the background color for easy viewing.

You may also adjust the settings of the Eraser Tool to make it easy for you to erase larges areas.

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