How do I create HTML template Access export database?

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Hello people.  I have an Access database that I would like to convert into a web page.  How do I create HTML template Access export database?  I have Microsoft Access 2010 and Windows 7 64 bit.  Any help would be much appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

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How do I create HTML template Access export database?

Hi  Dudley,
I have read your problem , and i will be happy to offer you a solution . here are the Instructions to create an HTML Template for MS Access : 
1- Open the Text pad and create a new file. then click file – save as , on the file name type the name of your document . on save as type choose an .html file extension and click save .
2- Add the start and end HTML tags <html> and </html>.
3- add the start and end head tags between the HTML tags:  <head></head> to create your page header
4- Create your web page title by  adding the Access title token and  the title tags between the head tags. and it will be like this : 
5- Add the content area by adding the start and end body tags : <body> </body>.
6- Create navigation for the reports that you exported from access in the content area by using the access navigation tokens for the first, next, previous and last pages . 
7- Create the Access body token, <!–AccessTemplate_Body–>, under the page navigation that you would like to insert the contents like table, report, etc.
8- Edit your HTML page by adding your logo, site navigation, information, link and other elements.
Green Barter 

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