How do I center title bar Windows 7?

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How do I center title bar windows 7?  I'd like to personalize my Windows 7 x86.  There used to be an option for this in Windows 95 but I can't seem to find it in Windows 7.  Is it possible to center the title bar in Mozilla Firefox Version 18.0.0?

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How do I center title bar Windows 7?



There is no such settings in windows 7 to move the title bar to the center. Since Windows Vista's release, such feature has been removed to make the explorer and windows clean and simple.

you can use a 3rd party appication to run in the background and get that text inside the title bar in the center and some sort of other edits to personalize how your windows look.

an example would be (windows style builder)

Mind you, this is going to eat up your computers speed as it will always be running in the background. If your computer is not that powerful enough then I suggest you don't install stuffs like this. Who would want to bargain their computer speed for customization alone.

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