How do I apply IPSEC tunnels to analyze traffic flow between DCs?

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There is need that I ascertain the complete control of our sites’ replication. The way I have been controlling is by ensuring replication can only be done in one way. What I need to know is whether this is able to manage all data traversing the communication ports for our two DCS.  I understand that IPSEC tunnels are able to restrict the number of accessible ports required on the firewall. I also understand that it is possible to unencrypt it for the IDS/IPS to still manage the flow of traffic. But how this done? Your advice will be highly appreciated.

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How do I apply IPSEC tunnels to analyze traffic flow between DCs?


For this you have to make sure that the followings things are there in order for it to work.

  1. The communication ports that you are trying to use are opened and are not stealth or closed ports.
  2. There number must not match the ports that are used by the general applications or internet explorer.
  3. download any port manager from the internet.
  4. Specify the IP address of the two DCs.
  5. Scan the ports.
  6. After that select the ports that you want to monitor.
  7. Now it will tell you how much traffic is going through the specific ports that you are using.
  8. You can also save the stats for a specific port for comparing it with the later results from the same ports if you want to analyze the rate of traffic

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