How do i add XML-RPC on VB.NET

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Hi all,

I am currently using Windows 7 Ultimate. I am a programmer who uses Microsoft Visual Studio. Net 2005 for developing web and desktop applications. I want to integrate procedural calls over the internet in my project.

How do I go about adding XML-RPC to my code? I have it (XML-RPC) downloaded on my computer. Thanks.

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How do i add XML-RPC on VB.NET


It is stress-free to generate client code which makes calls to XML-RPC servers. All you have to do is describe an interface demonstrating the XML-RPC end-point and then practice the XmlRpcProxyGen class to robotically create the code on behalf of the proxy.

The proxy instance is created by means of static method Make of the XmlRpcProxyGen class:

The process on the proxy can then be named to generate the XML-RPC appeal to the server:

XML-RPC Services

XML-RPC.NET applies XML-RPC facilities as Services running in the Microsoft IIS web server environment. The exemplary for XML-RPC Services is SOAP-based Web Services executed as part of ASP.Net.

An XML-RPC Service is applied (in any CLS-compliant verbal, e.g. C#, VB.Net, etc) by generating a class which derives from the XmlRpcService base class and decorating the systems to be showing via XML-RPC by the XmlRpcMethod characteristics.

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