How to evaluate monitor using JQUERY?

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I want to do this evaluation monitor using JQuery. I want to have five slides on my application. Now, every slide, I will need an evaluation and the ratings are as follows: 1-very sad; 2-sad; 3-not so sad; 4-a little happy; and 5-very happy. How can I implement this program?  

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How to evaluate monitor using JQUERY?


Hello Rico Castano,

To evaluate monitor using the jquery function, you will need to use the validate function. The following is a sample program of how you will implement the jquery in your situation; you just need to customize it accordingly:

9$(document).ready(function() { 
10  $("#form1").validate({ 
11    rules: { 12      name: "required",    // simple rule, converted to {required: true} 
13      email: {             // compound rule 
14      required: true, 
15      email: true 
16      }, 
17      url: { 18        url: true 19      }, 20      comment: 
{ 21        required: true 
22      } 23    }, 24    messages: 
{ 25      comment: "Please enter a comment." 26    } 27  }); 28}); 

Note that the important parameters you will need to know in this case are:

·         the rules, which will allow you to specify the fields you want to validate, and the messages, which will allow you to specify the error message that will be displayed for a particular field in case a wrong entry is typed or entered.


Clair Charles


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