How to display powerpoint on smart tv?

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Hello experts,

How to display PowerPoint on smart TV? An computer with an internet connection connected to a smart tv, well in this kind of technology nowadays it is really possible. But I was just thinking after the set up has been done and we can already make some internet browsing on TV, is there a way to view or display my PowerPoint?

Please give me some answer. Thank you.

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How to display powerpoint on smart tv?


Dear Benjamin

I have read the your issue about displaying power points presentation on your smart TV, and yes there is a way to do this,  smart TV supports only video, audio and pictures formats, so we need to convert Power point PPT format to a video format.

You can convert Power points formats into a video format by 2 ways:

The first way is automatic ally by downloading software that will convert the Power point format for you like POWER VIDEO POINT lite and it is freeware software that allows you to search for your power point presentation on your computer, select it then convert it to a video format.

Or you can download any other converting software that you may know.

The other way to format Power point format to a video format is to do It manually and here are the steps:

1. Select your power point presentation on your computer, open it and click on save as on the left side of your window, now it will open up a drop menu, scroll down till you find JPEG file interchange format, select it and then you will see message that says do you want to convert every slide of the presentation? Click on very slide, now you will get each slide saved separately to the new format.

2. Now click start, programs and open Windows Live Movie maker ( it is a Microsoft applications that allows you to see movies so  if you don’t have that, you can download it from

3. After you open  windows Live movie maker, click on click here to browse for videos and photos, select the presentation slides that you have saved it as JPEG format and they will be inserted on Windows life Movie Maker.

4. Once you have added the pictures ,an item that is called video tool will appear.

5. Click on edit and you will find duration, you can change the duration of the slide to play, for example by default it is 7 seconds but you can change that.

6. On the home tab of windows live movie maker  you can add music to your slides.

7. After making all the settings you desire to your slides, you can now click on save movie button to the directions you want.

8. Now your slide show presentation is saved into a video format.

9. You can now watch your power point presentation on your smart TV.

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How to display powerpoint on smart tv?


Hello Benjamin!

I hope I can help you with your question. How could watch PowerPoint presentations on their Smart TV you'll need a program that will solve your problem. This program is called Moyea PPT to DVD Burner. It is a smart tool that will let you watch the PowerPoint presentation on Blu-ray.
First step: Import PowerPoint files to the program to burn PowerPoint to Blu-ray Disc. You can burn 12 PowerPoint presentations at once.
Second step: In the menu bar, click "Options" tab, then "Create Blu-ray Disc."
Finally, press the "Start" button. So you can start the process and when it finishes, you can watch the presentation on TV.
Here is the download link:

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