How disclaimer got into the mail?

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It is an office policy to remove disclaimers, footers, taglines, signatures, images, and previous mail exchanges when forwarding messages. When I received an e-mail with a disclaimer at the bottom and forwarded it to my officemates, the text was not there. But the forwarded copies and printed copies contained the disclaimer. I noticed that the “Hidden Text” is ticked when I appealed to MS Word 2003 to forward the mail; however, the disclaimer is not there, and there are no attachments to the message. How did this disclaimer get into the mail, and how do you remove it for printing or forwarding?

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How disclaimer got into the mail?


Hallo Beth Jones,

I guess the disclaimer was hidden in the mail that you received, and you were supposed to open the message and view all its contents so as to be able to see the disclaimer and then remove it.

When you receive a message, especially if it contains images, taglines and disclaimers, some content may be hidden, although not all the time but I suspect in your case it was that way, and if there is hidden content there is always a link that tells you something like 'this message contains some blocked messages, clear here to view them'. So you are supposed to click on that link to be able to open the message together with the content that is hidden.


Mahesh Babu

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